Specialized Solutions for Complex Legal Challenges

Keyes & Fox LLP  is focused on providing a wide spectrum of clients in the energy sector with expert and innovative solutions to their legal challenges.  We have extensive experience with all aspects of clean and renewable energy policy development and a highly successful track record of involvement that supports the expansion of energy markets.

Policy Development and Litigation

On the policy front, Keyes & Fox attorneys have a deep understanding of state-level energy policy development that spans a broad range of issues faced by renewable energy stakeholders.  Collectively our attorneys have appeared before over 40 state public utility commissions, making our attorneys some of the foremost experts in state policy in the nation.  This experience includes work on a wide array of issues to advance distributed energy resources and energy efficiency, including development of shared renewables programs, cost effectiveness assessments, renewable energy grid integration, energy storage, wholesale and retail distributed energy procurement programs, rate cases, net metering program design, and development of interconnection standards.

In addition to our work at state public utilities commissions, our attorneys have shaped energy policy at the national level through the federal courts, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and also through engagement in state legislatures across the country. Our attorneys have also represented clients in Renewable Fuel Standard pathways, rulemakings, and informal guidance proceedings before the Environmental Protection Agency. This wealth of experience has given Keyes & Fox an exceptional understanding of the options to achieve client goals across the spectrum of opportunities at the state and federal levels.

Energy Project Support and Transactional Experience

Our attorneys also offer the expertise to move energy projects through all stages of development and to support our clients’ business needs. We offer expertise in real estate, environmental and land use issues necessary to get projects through the permitting stage efficiently.  We can also assist with the acquisition and sale of energy facilities by developing real property contracts, financial agreements, and title and survey reviews.  Our experience also includes drafting and negotiating leases, easements, power purchase agreements, title and survey reviews and related due diligence.

For siting rooftop, ground-mounted and other energy projects, we can lead clients through the federal, state and local permitting processes, assisting with necessary land use entitlements and environmental review.  We have National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act specialists on our team who are experienced at preparing and defending environmental reviews for commercial and industrial projects as well as major solar installations.

Our attorneys can also assist in matters such as the following:

  • Obtaining or modifying necessary permits under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act;
  • Moving through the specific development approval challenges for projects that will be sited on brownfields or landfill sites;
  • Developing legal agreements for the production, sale, and distribution of ethanol and biodiesel;
  • Helping projects obtain or modify Department of Energy and US Department of Agriculture loan guarantees and grant funding; and
  • Developing compliance programs, negotiating contractual agreements, and consulting on joint venture projects and collaborations.

Keyes & Fox’s national energy regulatory experience combined with its energy project development experience makes it unique among law firms.  We welcome the opportunity to help clients navigate the complex challenges in the energy sector – contact us for more information on how we can help you reach your goals.