Keyes & Fox is a boutique renewable energy and public utilities law firm that was founded in 2008 by Jason Keyes and Kevin Fox. Keyes & Fox started out representing non-profit clients that were focusing on eliminating regulatory roadblocks to clean energy market development across the U.S. The firm now advocates on a wide range of legal, policy and project development issues for corporate, governmental, non-profit and other clients. Our attorneys have represented clients in regulatory proceedings in over 40 states.

The Keyes & Fox team has a wealth of experience to tackle any clean energy challenge. Our policy development and transactional experience includes the following areas:

    • Distributed Generation
    • Renewable Energy
    • Public Utilities
    • Transportation Electrification
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Common Carrier Law
    • Demand Response
    • Grid Modernization
    • Administrative Rulemaking
    • General Rate Cases
    • Appeals of Administrative Actions
    • Energy Storage
    • Project Development
    • Community Choice Aggregation
    • Interconnection
    • Customer Complaints
    • Natural Gas Distribution Policy
    • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Advocacy
    • Community Solar
    • Qualifying Facilities and PURPA enforcement

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